Columbus Day - 2005

The restored NYPD RMPs were the guest of the
Columbia Association of the New York City Police Department
at the 2005 Columbus Day Parade on Fifth Avenue in New York City.
Here are some photos from the event.

1966 Plymouth Fury RMP
wearing the
Columbia Association

1976 Pontiac Catalina
Highway car waiting
for the parade to start

American and Italian
flags were everywhere

The RMP lineup waiting
for the parade to begin

Participants in the
parade included
visitors from Italy
dressed as early

Note the vintage bicycle . . .

. . . and Gelati cart

A giant bust of Columbus
also waits in the wings

The parade starts . . .

. . . and the RMPs
St. Patrick's Cathedral

Hi-risers and flags
on the Pontiac
Highway car

Blue and white RMPs wait
while a diva sings for
the reviewing stand

The hi-risers are
actuated on the
1976 Pontiac

Front view of the
blue and whites

1976 Pontiac Catalina
Highway RMP

1973 Plymouth Fury
Highway RMP

A fleet of green,
black and white
radio cars heads
up Fifth Avenue

1966 Plymouth Fury
RMP followed by a
1968 Plymouth Fury

The RMPs pass the
reviewing stand-
note the 1970
Plymouth Fury RMP
in the background

1966 Chevrolet RMP
followed by a 1971
Plymouth Fury RMP

Columbus Day 2004

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